Jim Labriola, C.O.O. 

Raised in the Big Apple, Jim Labriola brings a passion for consistency, customer service and humor to his role as C.O.O. With a background in acting – best known for his comic role as Benny Baroni from the hit TV show Home Improvement – and with many years of experience in Security Services, Jim uses his ability to make connections to keep PPS, Inc. growing and running smoothly. Whether it’s the first meeting, or the hundredth time at the same guard post, Jim supports the client, bringing 100% to every interaction. When he’s not meeting new people and ensuring client satisfaction for PPS, Inc., Jim uses his comedic talent to raise funds for charitable organizations like Wounded Warriors, enjoys fine cigars, and makes his friends and family laugh. Most of all though, he enjoys spending time with his lovely wife, Rhonnda.